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Swiderski Engineering Inc. (SEi) has been applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to water turbine design optimization for the past 25 years. Many of our designs have been implemented by hydropower manufacturing companies worldwide.

SEi was established when the application of CFD became possible in a personal computer environment. Our goal was to apply numerical flow simulations to predict the behaviour of water turbines and to better understand the hydrodynamic phenomena which establish the efficiency, cavitation, and operating stability limits on turbine performance. As repeated validations of CFD results increased our confidence, we began working on a methodology for finding shapes of hydraulic flow passages that would improve the operational parameters of reaction turbines. Through the years, our design methodology has evolved substantially, giving us a very high level of confidence in our designs – of enhanced turbine runners (Francis, Kaplan, Propeller, Deriaz and Mixed-flow), distributors and other components – produced within a predictable timeframe and meeting performance guarantees.

  • Swiderski Engineering (SE), a sole proprietorship, is registered. Software lease agreement signed for Advanced Scientific Computing’s TASCflow CFD package.
  • Development of Multi-Objective Design Optimisation Methodology (M-ODOM) for Francis runners begins.
  • Ultra low-head experimental turbine for CANMET, Natural Resources Canada, is designed.
  • First commercial runner designed by SE, commissioned by Consolidated Hydro Inc. and built by Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc.
1999 to 2003
  • Continued cooperation with CANMET, Natural Resources Canada on experimental turbine designs, including ultra low-head and fish-friendly units.
  • Numerous projects completed for Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc., mainly Francis technology.
  • First turbine design completed for ZRE Gdansk SA (Poland), beginning collaboration in Poland. Fifteen projects have been completed with ZRE since, including Francis and Kaplan turbines, enhanced runner replacements, and whole turbine unit designs (complete hydraulic and mechanical designs).
  • The company becomes incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada as Swiderski Engineering Inc.
  • Perpetual license acquired for the CFD analysis software (CFX).
  • Beginning of cooperation with Kiser Hydro LLC (USA), beginning with a replacement runner designed by SEi and commissioned at Wausau Pulp and Paper.
  • Finite Element Analysis software acquired (SolidWorks Simulation by Dassault System SolidWorks Corp.), implementation in the M-ODOM
  • First applications of in-house developed Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) in design optimisations of Francis runners.
2009 to 2014
  • Continuous supply of designs for Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc. (Canada), ZRE Gdansk SA (Poland) and Kiser Hydro LLC (USA).
  • Continuous work on enhancing the EA and improvements in parameterization of Francis and Kaplan blades within the M-ODOM system.
2014 to 2022
  • Addition of Shenyang GETAI Hydropower Equipment CO., LTD and Zhejiang Jinlun Electromechanic Co. Ltd., Chinese turbine manufacturers to customers list. These partnerships supply several designs of Francis and Kaplan enhanced runner designs for the international market.
  • Acquisition of 3D printers capable of printing composite materials, beginning of research and development into manufacturing small turbine components using composite materials
  • Continuous work on enhancing M-ODOM system by adding multiple design points capability.
  • Establishing methodology for pump-turbines designs within Francis and Deriaz type units.

• DESIGN of all hydraulic flow passages of the water power plant (pressurized inlet, turbine distributor, runner, draft tube);
• PREDICTION of the performance of any reaction water turbine and operational optimization of the power plant;
• POWER PLANT UPGRADES: from site potential-power evaluation to the final design;
• ANALYSIS of the risk of investment related to hydrology.